The Clean-A-Can service comes to your home every four weeks, the day immediately following your regular trash collection day. This INCLUDES Saturday if your collection day is on a Friday. (If concerned about HOA restrictions, please see subsequent FAQ further down this page or call us for more information).For your convenience, even if the cans are up by the garage or the side of the house that is fine. As long as they are reasonably accessible to us we will roll them down to the street, and when we are finished, return them to where they were located.

The cost per cleaning works out to be between $6.15 and $7.00 per cleaning when pre-paid annually, which equals between $56.00 – $84.00 per can, PER YEAR, depending on the service frequency in your area. Please click the “Order Service” link to see the specific service fees and service frequency in your area.

No. We do have an option to pay monthly, but the cost increases to about $9.00 per cleaning vs about $6.15 per cleaning when prepaid annually. Since we still require an annual subscription to the service, most of our customers pre-pay for the year since it saves about 20%.

Sure. It is a little more costly to do a one time cleaning due to the fact we have to clean years of build up in 1 cleaning, so it takes longer than maintaining the cans on a regular basis.

We will contact you when we receive your order regarding the next service date in your neighborhood. We will also send you a schedule of service dates as a reminder.

No. You tell us which of your trash cans you want to put on the annual maintenance program.

No. Each container has its own identification and will be cleaned each service cycle.

If you relocate out of a Clean-A-Can service area, we will pro-rate your service fees and refund you accordingly.

There are 2 possible solutions to this problem:

  1. Leave your cans up by the garage, the side of the house, or anywhere where we can reasonably have access to them without needing to walk inside an enclosure. We will return them to that same spot when we finish our work.
  2. Please give us the contact information to the HOA Board and/or Manager and we will discuss the situation with them to see if we might be able to come up with a solution that can make allowance for a possible exception during “Clean-A-Can service day” . Many HOA’s work with us to best serve the residents of the community. In fact, many HOA’s contract with us at discounted rates to serve their entire community.

Ideally your containers on the cleaning program will be empty since we will make our best effort to get to your home as early as possible the day immediately following collection day. But if that is not possible, we would ask that you please have the trash that must go in before we clean be in a bag so we can easily remove it, clean your containers, and then place the trash bag back into the container when our work is complete.

We will do whatever we can to reschedule your service if at all possible. But as we grow and have less time to deviate from each route’s 4 week cycle, this may not be possible.

Again, if at all possible we will. But considering the volume of business that we have and the fact that our trucks are scheduled in particular cities on particular days, this may be impossible for us to do. Please see the Clean-A-Can Service Agreement for more details.

In the rare event that we miss your service date because of our error (see Service Agreement), we will reschedule your service date for a day as soon as possible, or if that is not possible, we will credit you for the missed cycle of service, i.e. extend your paid period an extra service cycle at no cost to you.

Well, in addition to your trash cans smelling good for a change, we do put an easily removable “Sanitized” label sealing the lid so you know for sure it is OK to bring your cans inside and not miss your service date.